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Lacistema macbridei Sleumer

Protologue - the Holotype description

Sleumer H O (1980) Flora Neotropica: Monograph Number 22 - Flacourtiaceae, The New York Botanical Garden, New York: 185

Type specimens

Herbaria Illustration Herbarium / Barcode Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
Holotype G G-00165246 G Tessman 5282 1925 July Peru
Isotypes L L-0040934 G Tessman 5282 1925 July Peru
NY NY-283960 " " "
Syntypes None specified

Common names

… Language: Huaorani; Country: Ecuador [Specimen at MO: Aulestia M, Gonti O No. 1742, 17-20 February 1994]