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Lacistemataceae Holistic Database Neotropical Plant Families Database U.K. Communities of Woodland & Scrub Species 2000 University of Reading Herbarium RNG, University of Reading, U.K.

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2019 Oct 16 - Many thanks to Geoffrey Hall, Collections Manager at MT herbarium for scanning and placing their isotype of Lozania pittieri online. Added links from Lacistema synonyms to protologues. Discovery of a new family synonym - Lacistemaceen. I reiterate again it is of great importance that all historical botany books and type specimen details/images are available online.

2019 Oct 15 - Thanks to Jaime Peña, LOJA Herbarium Curator for supplying the image of Lozania nunkui isotype. Now waiting on AAU and HUT herbaria to 'complete the set'. Also added Lacistemonaceae and Lacistemon synonym names to the species page.

2019 Oct 08 - beginning to work through Lacistema species pages. Added today Lacistema krukovii and Lacistema macbridei.

The accepted species paged currently include protologue, types, common names only. I haven't decided what other information to include in these pages.

2019 Oct 07 - sending out emails to herbaria requesting they check their herbaria for any type specimen related to accepted Lozania species and their synonyms.

2019 Oct 04 - discovery of another name : Lozania granatensis from the botanical drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the new kingdom of Granada (1783-1816), Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, Spain. Added Lozania mutisiana and Lozania klugii pages. Lozania grandiflora has been removed to another family. Not sure if this is correct. See note on species page.

2019 Oct 02 - accepted species pages added - Lozania pittieri and Lozania glabrata.

In comparison to the 2008 first version of this website when few type specimen images were available now the majority are available from virtual herbaria. The images are inserted into the type specimen tables directly from the online herbaria catalogues and (most) are not held by my website host.

2019 Sep 27 - Just for a change I am going to spread some United Kingdom Twitter botanical love. I am biased towards my alma matres : The Open University and Botany at the University of Reading both celebrating 50th anniversaries in 2019! and Botany at Natural History Museum, London (where I worked in the old general herbarium for about a year) before my MSc. Plant Diversity at Reading.

How about some other favourites of mine...
Cambridge Botanic Garden, Trebah Garden in Cornwall, Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association (I have been a member since 2007. Although I have moved away I still contribute to the Tree Watch publication and write its Index!), Wild flower hour, Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland, Dr. M goes Wild, Alastair Culham (who gets two links), The Woodland Trust (I confess I love hugging trees!), and not forgetting the general tag for #botany. These are just a few for you to peruse at your leisure. Make sure you pass your botanical love onto students of all ages - Happy botanising everyone!

2019 Sep 26 - name change for Lacistema berterianum to Lacistema berteroanum see species page and acknowledgements page. Thanks to Helen Hartley, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew for her assistance in this matter.

Useful website page : updated link to 2018 International Code of Nomenclature Shenzhen Code and a very useful companion online book : Turland N (2019) The Code Decoded and for Dr M.'s additional links to 50 Years of Reading Botany Masters celebrating 50 years of teaching botany at University of Reading, U.K. and its Twitter page.

2019 Sep 23 - It drives me completely nuts when so called 'stable' hyperlinks to type specimens are being changed on a regular basis! For goodness sake decide on your database structure, how your database is accessed by your online pages and stop changing the addresses to the specimens please. Consequently I have had to revisit all the completed pages for any problems - I have better things to do with my time like update the accepted species pages.

Well this is interesting Sleumer (1980) wrote that Lozania bipinnata A.E. Lawrance 524 held at US herbarium. While asking for the type specimen to be available online, John Boggan of US Herbarium (Smithsonian Institution) has pointed me to the correct location of the holotype -it is not the US specimen- but the Gray herbarium, Harvard University. A commentary has been added to L. bipinnata page. Many thanks John. I have added you to my acknowledgements page.

It just goes to show how valuable it is to have all herbaria specimens available online!

2019 Sep 22 - I have created a video of a Lacistema aggregatum leaf. The Original image used for the 2D video below. This video is also located on the introduction page under 'What plant characteristics are always found in this family?' heading.

2019 Sep 10 - Lacistema pittieri, Lozania pedicellata, Lacistema pedicellatum and Lacistema trichoneurum synonyms of Lozania pittieri added to the species list.

2019 Sep 07 - Added Perrottetia racemosa and Perrottetia costaricensis synonyms of Lozania mutisiana. I have not been able to locate the type specimens of Perrottetia racemosa online at F and US herbaria. Looking at the GBIF database it appears that someone has mixed up Perrottetia racemosa (Oliv.) Loes., Celastraceae - a native of China and Perrottetia racemosa Stand., Lacistemataceae. The information is coming from NSII - China National Specimen Information Infrastructure. Is it possible that Lacistemataceae species are genuinely located in China? Unfortunately the images are of low resolution so I cannot examine the floral structures... how I love a good mystery!

2019 Sep 06 - Today I have added synonyms to Lozania mutisiana: Lozania nemoralis, Monandrodendron schultzei, Monandrodendron peruvianum and Lozania bipinnata pages.

It is rather fascinating how many herbaria specimens details are now available online compared to when I first wrote this website back in 2007. When all herbaria (3,095 active herbaria!) information is available via GBIF I will then download all this information and be in a position to locate even more type specimens. If only all Lacistemataceae specimens were imaged and also online then I could re-evaluate the entire family -using morphological characteristics- and publish articles in journals and on this website! If I publish enough articles and I could achieve a Ph.D by Publication!

2019 Sep04 - I am beginning to update the synonyms of the Lozania species. The first two pages are Lacistemopsis poculifera and Monandrodendron klugii both are accessed underneath the Lozania klugii heading on the species page. Where possible the holotype specimen image is shown. This image is directly downloaded from the herbarium holding this specimen and is not held directly on this website. Some previously shown type specimen images were used only with permission of the holding herbarium but as many more type specimen images are available online this is now a rare occurrence.

2019 Aug 14 - This website now has a Cookies notice and Cookies Policy page.

2019 Aug 11 - Introduction page completed. Bibliography pages all updated with the new menu. Plant images have been added to introduction page - question: What plant characteristics are always found in this family?

2019 Aug 09 - All pages updated with new menu with the exception of the Bibliography pages. To complete - Introduction, Species, Species Key and dynamic data pages. Need to add images of plant parts. I have been asked to resubmit my Ph.D proposal in a particular style which is required for this particular university department so I won't be working on this website for a few days only.

2019 Aug 06 - New modern pop up side menu that should shift to the top on smaller screens.

2019 Aug - What have I been doing since last year? Taking many Coursera.org courses so I could write a Ph.D proposal. I am also currently updating my School Governor training before starting at a new school for the next academic year 2019/2020.

2018 Nov 23 - Added a Youtube video on how the cyber world is changing the way we use information. Find it on Introduction page: Why did I write this website? And here:
Did You Know? (Shift Happens) by Katy Scott uploaded to Youtube 2018 July 17.

2018 Nov 05 - Planet Bob is back on this website after a hiatus of 8 years! Why? because it addresses a very important question of why we need taxonomy? Planet Bob by Arizona State University & MediaAlchemy. The link is found on the Introduction Page : What is taxonomy?

2018 Nov 03 - MSc Plant Diversity, University of Reading and RNG Herbarium have new websites. Updating this information throughout the current site pages before I continue to add more pages.

Please reference this site: Young FE (2008 onwards) Lacistemataceae Holistic Database, BioScience Holistics, U.K., available online at https://www.lacistemataceae.org/whatsnew.html

Please remember that this is a work in progress. A hard copy monograph would take decades of research before publishing but this is an online evolving work with gaps that I hope to fill, so please bear this in mind when using as a reference source.