Lacistemataceae Holistic Database

Neotropical Plant Families Database U.K. Communities of Woodland & Scrub Species 2000 University of Reading Herbarium RNG, University of Reading, U.K.

What's new?

2018 Aug 12 - Currently in the process of moving into a new flat. Will begin updation again in a couple of weeks.

2018 Jun 29 - Adding more CoL links for NPFD.

2018 Jun 28 - Added two pages for Neotropical Plant Families Database (NPFD) - introduction and references. Basic information at the moment will be updated in the next few days.

2018 Jun 27 - Added web links to the NVC references page.

2018 Jun 26 - I have updated the NVC homepage. I have added links from the NVC Volumes names to Google books and a .csv file is available for Volume 4 : Aquatic Communities, Swamps & Tall-herb fens. The other .csv files will be added in due course. Have fixed the problem with the Google search engine as it would not work in https://

2018 Jun 18 - Making some small changes so each page will automatically become https:// before I continue to add more pages. Also researching how to make a Cookie Policy for this website.

2018 Jun 13 - Updated the 'Useful Websites' page.

2018 Jun 05 - This website now has a SSL Certificate - the homepage is now :

2018 Jun 04 - Additional of a drop down menu for the references. Have moved the Google translate button as it disappears for mobile users.

2018 June 01 - Reference pages A to Z complete.

2018 May 25 - Currently working through the Reference pages A to Z.

2018 May 16 - This website is undergoing its biyearly update. In fact this is the 10th anniversary of this website! So it is a getting a major overall.

New logo.

New menu at the top of the screen and a google translate button next to the menu on every page except 'The Species' page where it does not translate Latin names correctly.

Hyperlinks checked and new ones added as documents are now available online. Links to books held in the Biodiversity Heritage Library now connect to the actual page rather than the book itself.

Making this website work on mobile devices.

Please reference this site: Young FE (2008 onwards) Lacistemataceae Holistic Database, BioScience Holistics, Bognor Regis, U.K., available online at

Please remember that this is a work in progress. A hard copy monograph would take decades of research before publishing but this is an online evolving work with gaps that I hope to fill, so please bear this in mind when using as a reference source.