Lacistemataceae Holistic Database

Neotropical Plant Families Database U.K. Communities of Woodland & Scrub Species 2000 University of Reading Herbarium RNG, University of Reading, U.K.

The Species

The species below are arranged by taxonomic description date and has no relationship to morphological and/or DNA analysis.

Where two or more species have the same date and appear in the same book or article these are listed by order they occur in the article.

For specific species information click on the underlined link (currently unavailable). To see species and their synonyms click on the symbol (▶) for detailed information.

Key: ≡ identical; = nom. illeg. (illegal name); - nom. inval. (name invalid)

Lacistemataceae Mart. (1826)
Lacistemaceae (xxxx)

Lacistema (xxxx)
Lacistema pubescens Mart. (1826)

Lacistema serrulatum Mart. (1826)

Lacistema robustum Schnizl. (1857)

Lacistema lucidum Schnizl. (1857)

Lacistema polystachyum Schnizl. (1857)

Lacistema grandifolium Schnizl. (1857)

Lacistema hasslerianum Chodat (1903)

Lacistema aggregatum (P.J. Bergius) Rusby (1906)

Lacistema nena J.F. Macbr. (1934)

Lacistema macbridei Baehni. (1940)

Lacistema krukovii Sleumer (1980)

Lozania (xxxx)
Lozania mutisiana Schult. (1824)
- Lozania nemoralis DC. (1828)
= Monandrodendron schultzei Mansf. (1929)
= Monandrodendron peruvianum Mansf. (1931)
= Lozania bipinnata L. B. Sm. (1935)
= Lozania montana Standl. (1937)
= Perrottetia costaricensis Lundell (1940) Perrottetia racemosa Standl. (1937)

Lozania grandiflora Schult. (1827)

Lozania klugii (Mansf.) Mansf. (1932)
Monandrodendron klugii Mansf. (1931)
= Lacistemopsis poculifera Kuhlm. (1940)

Lozania pittieri (S.F. Blake) L.B. Sm. (1935)
Lacistema pittieri S.F. Blake (1924) Lacistema trichoneurum S.F. Blake ex R. Knuth (1928)
= Lacistema pedicellatum Standl. (1927) Lozania pedicellata (Standl.) L.B. Sm. (1935)

Lozania glabrata A.H. Gentry (1989)

Lozania nunkui D.A. Neill & Asanza (2012)

Lozania sclerophylla Authority: unknown